Shanghai Decorative Pick-up Sticks
Shanghai Decorative Pick-up Sticks
Fabio Guaricc, 2011
Timeless entertainment that doubles as customizable art.
Pick up an age-old game and a unique décor item in one whimsical package. This fully functional set of pickup sticks can also be used as an original home accent between games. Crafted from quality wood, these slender, brightly colored rods are available in two coordinated themes. Shanghai Sea contains 50 sticks in carefully mixed shades of blue and green and a single yellow, while Shanghai Sun's 50-stick set features shades of red, yellow, and orange and a single green.
Each stick measures 16 inches (40 cm) long, and the set comes with a shaping ring to create vivid and unique displays reminiscent of floral bouquets. Combine sets for more color choices and arrangement possibilities, or to coordinate and complement your home décor. Shanghai also makes an inspired gift for any occasion.
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