FingerMax Artist Line Wavebox
FingerMax Artist Line Wavebox
Explore the traditional art of painting in a modern and innovative form.
Turn your fingertips into a unique drawing medium by simply sliding your finger into the FingerMax paintbrush’s rubber coil. With a great level of control and accuracy in each stroke, the Artist Line WaveBox set is intended for artists and aspiring painters who wish to explore a new medium.
This product contains 2 paintbrushes and 4 metallic acrylic paint tubes in a plastic storage case, which can also serve as a palette for mixing colors. The elastic nature of the rubber coil used in these universal-sized paintbrushes is designed to fit any finger size comfortably. Paintbrushes are made with synthetic hair bristles designed for precision and long lasting use. The metallic acrylic paint comes in four distinct colors of red, yellow, green, and blue.
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